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Ongula Village Homestead Lodge


Oshiwambo Homestead Tour

Learn the set-up of a homestead. Learn about the importance of cultivating the lands (seasonal activity). Learn the use of many endemic trees and their use by the Owambo people

Mahangu (Pear millet) – The staple food of the Owambo people; used in their traditional food and drinks – take part in the pounding of Mahangu

Learn how to make Marula oil ‘Odjove’ in the local language

Experience the local distillery and learn how they make ‘Ombike’ schnapps or grappa as called by many

Learn how to cook at the open fire in the traditional kitchen known as ‘Epata’ or Elugo in Oshiwambo.

Basket weaving and pottery – Join the Owambo woman as they demonstrate their weaving and pottery making skills


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Ongula Village Homestead Lodge
D3670 from Oniipa (Onandjokwe Hospital) Oshigambo 9000
GPS Coordinates
Lat: -17.74125579343116
Lon: 16.141712720237734
T1: +264-65-264555
T2: +264 65 26 4555